The Grand Finale

Now That You Know The Truth, What Should You Do Next?

A Special Invitation To The Chosen Few

Once a sickness has been diagnosed, what's the next logical thing to do?

Find a cure, of course

Based on all that I have shared with you since the last 6 pages....

I'm inviting you to become part of a community of progressive, forward thinking people who are wholeheartedly committed to changing their online sales game.

✅ People who know the truth and are not running away from it, but rather choose to face it with their "full chest".

✅ People who are tired of running around in meaningless circles.

✅ People who know they can't blame anyone else for their results - who know they are 100% responsible for their destiny!

✅People who are willing to invest all the necessary resources - time, energy, money, to build profitable systems for their businesses.

✅ People who understand that you can't skip class and come out top of your class.

To become part of this select minority of glorious individuals, I'm inviting you to partake in the 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems workshop.

In this workshop, we start from the very foundations. In this workshop, I show you the 7 elements/pillars that are required to build a wildly profitable online sales system.

Without these foundations in place, nothing else you do will make full picture sense - nothing!

You'll get a comprehensive picture of what successful online selling entails and you'll finally know what's missing from your process, so you can install the necessary systems to fix it.

So far, 81 people have partook of the workshop and not one of them regretted investing their precious money in it.

Lawyers. doctors, marketing agency owners, beauty salons, marketing executives, solar power experts are all in there.

To get full details on the 7 Pillars workshop, I invite you to connect with me on WhatsApp.

Click the button below, You'll be redirected to a form, fill it and it will lead you straight to me.

Before you click that button though, I need to sound a very tender yet very firm warning to you.

Do Not Be The Judas Amongst The 12!!

I try my best to give my best to those I serve.

I don't hold back, I don't keep secrets that I know can help those coming behind me.

That's how I grew to become the Broda Dapo that everybody and their grandma loves, since I began in my online journey in January 2020

I expect absolutely nothing less than the best treatment from those who seek to get close to me.

I am absolutely repulsed by people who find it hard to follow simple guidelines and I do not like to babysit adults.

I have treated you with respect so far, and I expect that you will accord me that same respect when you show up in my inbox.

I Do not Need Everyone!! read That Again!!

The discounted price of the workshop is $37.00 currently. Here are some things to accept first:

 ▶ If you know that you cannot afford to spend that amount on an online course even after saving money from 2 months worth of income, that means you are living in "Survival Mode! This course is definitely not for you yet - PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME A MESSAGE. 

Get a better job or get better paying skills, increase your earning capacity, save more money      to invest in your own self, then you can return to me for guidance.

▶ I definitely don't expect everyone to buy the 7 Pillars workshop immediately, but I expect clear and timely communication on where you stand once you check out the details of what it offers. This helps me know who to stick with and whom to let go off

Please, If communicating your thoughts is not something you like to do, and you prefer people to keep chasing you around, I humbly plead that you do not send me a message.

▶ You will receive a set of instructions on what to do next when you arrive my inbox, please ensure you follow these instructions.

I hope and believe that this is not too much to ask, right? i don't to have to report anyone's account as spam, so please, heed my requirements.

▶ If you are perfectly in agreement with all of the above, you can now proceed to send me a message.

See You in a Jiffy!