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That I hope you'll grant.

I apologise deeply that I had to interrupt you in the heat of things.

I know you are neck deep into the article but there is no better place to make this quick request than now.

Here's something you probably won't know, if i didn't tell you:

It took me 9 days to write, edit and design this article pages - not something I particularly enjoy doing.

Sometimes, I worked at midnight to get it finished (Thursday 5th, May 2022, 1:03 AM for example).

Why did I go through all that pain?

Well, it's because I had complete faith that this work would liberate many people from the shackles of ignorance and wasteful spending.

Personally, I don't there is a more forcefully destructive feeling than the feeling of frustration. That dark feeling you get when you put in so much work and yet you get little to no results, and you don't know WHY what you are doing isn't working! 

I don't want anyone to experience it - that's why I laboured to produce this article.

Another thing you didn't realise:

I could have charged you for this article, but i changed my mind at the last minute.

I would be absolutely justified if I had asked you to pay.

Of course you would, unless you aren't part of the persons whose situations I'm addressing in it.

Why didn't I make you pay then? Well I did for a higher reason.

I wanted it to come from the depth of your heart

Yes! I wanted it to be your own choice to make, because when it is, it would be coming from a place of genuine appreciation for my efforts, rather than because you had no choice.

NOTE: Please note that the only reason you should act on these requests is because this article has touched your life so far. Also note that you should only do this entirely out of freewill, not compulsion.

If you feel it is worthless, please dump the requests. scroll down to the page and continue reading.

So based on all these, here are my requests. 

REQUEST 1: Make a donation of at least 1 dollar

This will help me to be able to promote this article to more people on as many platforms as possible for as long as possible.

Just see it as you helping other humans you may never meet improve their situations in life.

I could also take out of it to buy occasionally myself some Ice cream and Yoghurt to keep my morale high (😎)

You can donate as much as you feel this article is worth to you, but please not less than a dollar (N500 Naira in Nigerian currency). The button to make your donation is below.

PLEASE NOTE: The payment system accepts payments in Naira even if you are non Nigerian

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Also if you are Nigerian, I recommend you use the "Transfer " payment option, and please do not close the payment page until it confirms successful payment.

REQUEST 2: share This Article With Your Audience

Imagine how lives we could "save" if they get to read what you are reading?

We never know that one thing we'd do that'll make a world of difference in other people's lives. This may be one of those golden opportunities you've got to make that difference.

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