ATTENTION: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

 On Dealing With Customers

10 Deep Lessons To Preserve Your Sanity and Peace Of Mind

From The Desk of Broda Dapo (September 10th, 2021)

Are you frustrated by the sometimes erratic, annoying behaviour of customers when it's time to receive your money?

The moment you understand how our mind works, the better you become at handling people you sell your products or services to.

Here are some lessons i have learned in my 2+ years of selling online and frankly, you'll notice that many of these lessons border on the importance of SELF RESPECT (because this is what many of us sellers don't have)

Let's dive right in.....

Lesson No. 1

Do not reduce your price (unnecessarily) in order to acquire a new customer, unless don't mind being priced down every time after that first sale!!


1. Human are products of habits. Once you accept a particular behaviour  from us the first time, you have validated it as okay and acceptable! Expect us to try the same formula on you again and again!

If you reduce your price for a first time customer, you will have a VERY hard time changing it later. When you try to change it, they will get angry and give the excuse that you are trying to rip them off! 

There is no sense in retaining a customer who will never be willing to pay you the worth of your work! It's an investment that almost always pays the worst dividend.

If you are gonna reduce price, it should be for another reason, not just so they can buy! If they really need it, they will buy it!!

2. Human nature is selfish. In business, no one will hand you things, you will have to demand it! If you think someone will smile happily to give you more money for the same work, you deceive yourself!

Okay! So what if a customer promises to get you more customers as a reason to get a cheaper price from you, rather than accept, tell them you'll put together an appreciation package or referral package for each customer they bring instead. 

That way, you have turned their own game against them and they are now bound to fulfill their promise or bury their head in quiet shame!


Lesson No. 2

Even if you are starving, never show your desperation to a customer, UNLESS you don't mind being paid less money...

A desperate seller be like person who has serious body odour- it repels people!

Desperation often times shows that you are more focused on yourself than on their results!

Trust me I know how it feels when you need to make money....but visible desperation is very counterproductive unfortunately...

If we can work on creating awesome offers that are hard to find elsewhere, we can sell our market with pride and our dignity intact...

Okay, what of in cases where you need to raise money quickly for serious emergencies? 

In that scenario, you obviously can't dictate the tune much, what you should do is reduce your price but let the buyer know that the price reduction is not standard practice so they don't expect such next time

Lesson No. 3

Repelling the wrong customers is just as important as attracting the right customers.

Everyone talks about attraction, but almost no one talks about ACTIVELY repelling customers/clients from hell!!

Not everyone who has the money to buy your market is the right customer for you- set clear expectations and boundaries! Read that again!

Have filters in your sales systems. Peace of mind is king, unless you don't love your mental health!

Respect yourself a little!! Money is not everything!

Lesson No. 4

Never make your customer feel like they are doing you a favour by buying from you, unless you don't mind being priced like pepper!

Business IS an exchange of value, NOT a favour done to another!! Read that again!

A person who feels that he or she is doing you a favour by buying from you knows he already has the negotiating upper hand- they will beat your price down to anything they like because they know you are desperate for the sale.

If you feel like someone is doing you a favour by buying from you, it's because you are look like, think like or do things like everyone else in your market- you are commodity that can be found everywhere. In such a situation, its almost natural to feel like customers are trophies.

A possible way to distinguish yourself in the marketplace is to learn how to create irresistible offers. I teach this in my 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems Workshop. You can send me a message about it at the end of this article.

Lesson No. 5

If a customer is acting like you are disturbing them, that customer either:

❌ doesn't really need your product (stop wasting your time and energy on such).

No one who really is in need of your solution (aka product/service) will tell you that helping them keep on course (which is what follow up really is) is an act of disturbance!

❌ your follow-up is showing desperation (slow down a bit, but always be specific about WHEN to check back on them).

Lesson No. 6

The customer king only in the sense that without customers, you'd have no business.

Once this context is lost, Customer is King becomes a manipulative and oppressive statement

Don't take this statement too far, else you'd become a footmat!!

Lesson No. 7

The customer ISN'T always right, but you don't need to say it with a straight face- just set clear boundaries!

Those who say the customer is always right do not value their hustle, themselves and their peace of mind- they lack self respect!

There's a difference between "customer service" and "customer worship"- just because a customer paid or will pay you doesn't mean they own your life.

High quality customers respect boundaries because they love to be respected by others too! Remember that!!

Lesson No. 8

Potential Customers may LIE to you!!

A potential customer will lie to you by "posting" you or deflecting your question, so as not to hurt your feelings which might happen if they give you straight answers!

When a customer does this, realise that you are dealing with someone who is not really hot about getting your solution

A popular example - "I will get back to you. Let me think about it"

You'll be naïve to actually believe they are actually going to think about it- most people don't!

If you sense that a potential customer is deflecting, or using vague language just move on to the next person...don't waste your time!

Lesson No. 9

Don't waste time chasing after broke people! 

Interest and purchase ability aren't the same thing- don't confuse them... The ideal customer na the pesin wey get purchase power IN ADDITION to interest.

No amount of goodwill, smiles, "funniness" and follow-up will produce money in someone who can't afford your product!

Don't spend too much time there - you no be father Christmas!!

Lesson No. 10

The second money is easier to collect than the first money!

Its easier and cheaper to sell again to someone who has bought from you before than to acquire a new customer. Treat your existing customers like your family members, while trying to acquire new ones...

Treating our customers right and delivering on our promise is how we increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer...

It is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an old happy customer- don't waste it!!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will apply these lessons in your business dealings.

I know at this point, you may be asking this question👇👇

Errrrrrm! Broda Dapo, Who Are You Really?

I like this question 

1. I'm an online sales foundations coach. That means I help struggling small business owners build a solid foundation for online sales success. I do this majorly through my training courses. One of them is the "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems Workshop"

2.  I'm an information products marketer with special focus on affiliate marketing. I only promote/Focus on creating products in just two niches:


Online Business/ Make Money Online ( I hate this alternative name by the way!)

Here's why:

First off, you don't make money, you receive money. 

Second, you only receive money in exchange for creating value!

Value is created by solving a profitable problem or fulfilling a profitable desire for someone else

Thirdly, it takes time to learn to create value that people are willing to pay for. Many of the people.

Here is one small screenshot of some of my commissions from promoting other people's products on Selar. You can convert the amount in Naira (N) by to your local currency using google.

If we patiently learn the skills first, then the money follows...


Online Marketing/ Online Sales Coaching programs.

I'm super passionate about being able to influence people to take my desired action, cos that's where the money is, right?

I'm a devout student of online marketing and it's where you'll find me sharing or making recommendations most of the time.

That said, your next question is probably 👇👇

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